Insurance & Policies

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  1. The terms herein relate solely to moving the items listed on this invoice & contract and covers only the articles and service listed.
  2. AZ Best Movers is responsible only for its own negligence and assumes no liability of any kind of loss or damage to furniture or goods caused by acts of God, including but not limited to, rain, flood, wind, hail, heat and sun damage, improper packing by customer, or other causes beyond our control. AZ Best Movers responsibility is limited to the recovery amount of the liability coverage provided to customers of $.30 per pound per item. No extra charge, coverage included in contract.
  3. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CUSTOMERS SHOULD OBTAIN ADEQUATE INSURANCE TO PROTECT HIMSELF/HERSELF FROM LOSS OR DAMAGE OF GOODS. AZ Best movers includes basic liability coverage in the cost of the move which covers the items moved for only $.30 per pound per item. All fees must be paid in full for any claim to be considered. See claims procedures on right. 
  4. Customers must declare to AZ Best Movers all items of special value prior to packing and/or moving, such as jewelry, money, etc. 
  5. Movers may exclude from the service any items which cannot be safely moved or items which are dangerous or potentially harmful, such as hazardous materials or paint. This is solely the discretion of the movers. 
  6. Ordinary wear and tear in handling is not the responsibility of Arizona Best Movers. 
  7. If customer is referred for collections, customer is responsible for all costs, including but not limited to agency fees, attorneys fees and court fees and cost. 
  8. Customers may not assist movers in anyway. AZ Best Movers shall have no liability or responsibility for damages or injury caused by customer resulting from customer’s actions contrary to this provision. Customer hereby releases AZ Best Movers employees, shareholders, agents, directors and affiliates from any and all liability related to the move should customer choose to violate this provision. 
  9. If any damages occur and customer doesn’t pay in full. AZ Best Movers will no longer be held responsible for any damage. 


  1. All claims must be written by the customer on the Invoice and Contract at the time of the move.
  2. All items customer claims are damaged must be shown to the mover at the time of the move.
  3. Customer must provide information regarding the weight of any item claimed to be damaged. Customer must provide two (2) weight estimates to AZ Best Movers by email within 15 business days of move
  4. For example, a customer who owns a 4K television that weighs 100 pounds would only be compensated $30 once a cargo claim is filed.

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